Calling on you if you are employed in a scarce skills job!

Building Social Capital One Video At A time

Top Scarce Skills in South Africa

You would like to play a role in plugging the unemployment gap in South Africa by providing our scholars with first-hand knowledge of scarce skills or in demand careers, you are currently in such a role and because of this your employability is second to none. We are creating a video series, made up of bite sized 5 minute video clips detailing a few home truths with regard to scarce skill jobs and you can play a role in making this real. If you are currently employed as one of the following we would like to hear from you or alternatively we will be reaching out to you- to what end you might ask? Well its simple we would like you to tell us in less than 5 minutes, how you came to choose your career, what you studied after matric/grade 12 to get a shoe in, where you studied, what school subjects enabled your tertiary education studies, what you do on a daily basis, the most challenging and rewarding elements about your job, what your working environment is like and if you could do all this by showing us the tools, resources and environment you work in it would be sensational. If you would like to get involved kindly make contact with us on Twitter @PotentialRealis or mail us at

Air Traffic Controllers

Aircraft Pilots

Application Programmers


Biologists, Botanists, Zoologists

Building Architects


Cartographers and Surveyors

Chartered Accountants

Chemical and Physical Science Technicians


Critical Care Specialists



Electronics Engineers and Technicians

Engineers:  Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, Mining, Production, Water.

Environmental and Occupational Health Inspectors

Financial Analysts

Financial and Investment Advisors

Geologists and Geophysicists




Mathematicians, Actuaries and Statisticians

Medical Doctors and Practitioners




Nursing and Midwifery Professionals


Paramedic Practitioners

Philosophers, Historians and Political Scientists

Physicists and Astronomers

Process Control Technicians


Sociologists, Anthropologists

Software Applications, Web and Multimedia Developers

System Analysts

Teachers:  Maths and Science

Telecommunications Engineers



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