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What we do really well... High Level

Strategy & Projects

We partner with your people to ensure the delivery of human capital services to support the achievement of the business units strategic goals. Initiating and driving your human capital projects. We offer a full service suite inclusive of change management, monitoring & tracking progress of human capital deliverables, risk mitigation, adherence to legislation, policy/process & procedure guidance and education & team performance assessments.

Change Enablement

We partner with your senior and executive management to support the strategic direction of your business. We offer a cradle-to-grave solution not limited to; consulting around prioritised human capital deliverables, implementation at a strategic & operational level, the development & implementation of tactical & operational people plans, development, implementation & facilitation  of employee engagement strategy, plans & interventions.

Diversity, Inclusion & Transformation

We develop, implement & facilitate innovative strategies, plans and interventions to diversify your business & people profiles inclusive of risk mitigation & adherence to legislation in support of your diversity, inclusion & transformation agenda. Our all-in-one solution includes the development, implementation and facilitation of best-in-breed diversity, inclusion & transformation practices, tools & tactics, the development of individual & team guidebooks and kits, the development & implementation of collaborative frameworks & creative think-tanks, open-innovation platforms & ideas-exchange business hubs.

Organisational Development & Effectiveness /Culture/Climate

We develop & implement a full life-cycle ODE solution inclusive of the development & implementation of talent acquisition(recruitment & selection), retention(retention strategies) & employee development strategies, tools & tactics for organisational effectiveness. We develop & implement tools & tactics to create awesome customer experiences that drive employer branding & employee advocacy

Talent & Leadership Development

We develop & implement an all-inclusive talent & leadership development framework inclusive of learning & development tools, leadership development tools & tactics, competency management tools & tactics, scarce skills matrices, "career-pathing" & succession planning tools & tactics.