Potential Realised


Adventure, Anyone? 

There are over 650 000 unemployed graduates in South Africa, almost 9 000 000 South Africans remain unemployed, there exists a critical shortage of "scarce-skills" and South Africa has one of the lowest employee productivity stats in the world...we are on a mission to change this!

We like to think of WORK as SERIOUS FUN primarily because for us lot, FUN is SERIOUS WORK. We don't know how to work any other way!

We are a solution-peddling start-up, we are the architects of innovation, the impi's of implementation, delivery-daredevils & eternal optimists. We are experts in Optimism, Enthusiasm, Energy, Imagination, Inspiration & Creativity.

We are a happy bunch and we smile a lot simply because we can- we don't know how to work any other way!

If you feel you may want to chat with us a tad bit more and perhaps even invite us to join you on your journey- simply,

Dial/Text 082 508 4677 or summon up the wordsmith in you and mail us on adventure@potentialrealised.co.za 

We are all about the Journey, we prefer the scenic route and when we come along for the ride we make unforgettable memories - we don't know how to work any other way!

We are, Potential Realised!