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Social Entrepreneurship is defined simply as the development and implementation of solutions to social issues be they social, cultural or environmental. We at PR(Potential Realised) have framed 3 uniquely South African issues and we are on a mission to change them.

Social Issue #1: There are over 9 000 000 unemployed South Africans & over 650 000 unemployed graduates 

Solution #1: Develop a personal branding toolkit and seek funding for workshops that places special emphasis on the individual as the key driver of economic success and the key enabler of social/personal enterprise. Toolkit includes the basic foundations of ones personal brand that being the ability to communicate effectively and understand basic business principles. Allow unique exposure to industry champions and experts during the workshop phase cement basic business principles and industry opportunities. #Createyourownjob #Thinklikeaboss #Bethejob #Employyourself 

A large proportion of this population is unemployable because they either lack basic business and/or communication skills, exposure and experience or as in the case with most graduates are not in possession of a scarce skills related qualification, do not have the skills to position their personal brands or are not adept at scouting and spotting opportunities.  

Critically though they are well schooled albeit not classical or academic in entrepreneurial thinking because by and large their day to day existence is primed by the pillars of entrepreneurship- pillars like risk, innovation, determination, street-smarts and survival. 

It is substantially easier to reverse this scenario through education and training, coaching & mentoring and personal development of the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to either take advantage of opportunities in the formal employment space or carve your own entrepreneurial journey. In a low growth economy job creation by the people is the only solution. 

Social Issue #2: There is a critical shortage of scarce skills *see scarce skills occupations re:top 100 scarce skills in South Africa 

Solution #2: Develop and seek funding for the creation of a scarce skills video library and scholar toolkit. If its not scarce its not worth studying it!#Scarceskills #indemand #studysmart #top100

Educate, expose and champion the scarce skills discourse. In addition we should have robust programmes channeling our youth toward scarce skills qualifications and therefore occupations as this not only is a guarantee of employment but also a guarantee of equitable and in most cases higher pay and access to plentiful opportunities to seek entrepreneurial avenues. When your skill is in demand you are employable to the highest degree, paid to the maximum degree and you have access to room to maneuver in respect of starting your own business.

Social Issue #3 We are leaving the important lessons of leadership, diversity and the profound power of personal branding for too late in the developing adults life. These are lessons that we need to focus on with our teenagers as soon as they develop an appreciation for self, relationships and the interconnections of the world around them.

Solution #3: Develop and fund a personal branding, leadership and diversity toolkit and workshop specifically for teens, complete with literature, tools and resources relevant to their world. Explore the creation of a kids book series to explore these concepts for ages 5-8 as well. #startthemyoung #teachsomeleadsome #youngleaders #leadingisfun

We like to think of WORK as SERIOUS FUN primarily because for us lot, FUN is SERIOUS WORK. We don't know how to work any other way!

We are a solution-peddling start-up, we are the architects of innovation, the impi's of implementation, delivery-daredevils & eternal optimists. We are experts in Optimism, Enthusiasm, Energy, Imagination, Inspiration & Creativity.

We are a happy bunch and we smile a lot simply because we can- we don't know how to work any other way!

If you feel you may want to chat with us a tad bit more or have a question on you can get involved:

Dial/Text 082 508 4677 or summon up the wordsmith in you and mail us on adventure@potentialrealised.co.za 

We are all about the Journey, we prefer the scenic route and when we come along for the ride we make unforgettable memories - we don't know how to work any other way!

We are, Potential Realised!