About Us

We are a small group of people with very big hearts. We vision a world where imagination is everything. Our mission is to create moments of magic when we build, create and imagine. We have 3 core values that of; Imagination, Bravery & Fun. Potential Realised, began as an initiative/cause to drive and grow social capital in our communities.

We innovate by supporting the utilisation of emerging technologies in optimising market leadership and fostering entrepreneurship, supporting the utilisation of knowledge tools in creating communities of practice and championing social cohesion and competitiveness in building communities of purpose.

We believe in unlocking potential and we have found that our communities are the perfect place to start. Chief amongst the things we are serious about is social good, and it remains a keen driver of our innovation ideals and prerogatives. We are solution enablers’ intent on building social capital and effecting social change by leveraging social good through emerging technologies.